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Sounds For Change Vol. 2 is a sound library consisting of 40+ NEW compositions exclusive to this pack from producers, Jake One, Mario Luciano/Polyphonic Music Library, Motif Alumni/The Rucker Collective, Coop The Truth, Nami, Teddi Jones, Came One/Hijo De Ramon, & MTK/Crabtree Music Library

Additional Contributions By: Al Hug, Elkan, Cam Joseph, UNKWN, Jean Bleu, Mike Robbins, Versus,, SYDE FX, Coleman, BVLVM, Mischa Chillak, Legunk, Prey, Enzo Gran & Anthoine Walters

These producers' work collectively have been used by artists : Drake, Beyonce, Jay Z, Dr.Dre, Kanye West, J Cole, H.E.R., Travis Scott, Eminem, Future, Ariana Grande etc.

Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the License Here



Our mission with this volume is to spread awareness on the mass atrocity’s carried out by the criminal justice system and fighting to change the lives of those effected.

Deep rooted in racial bias, bigotry, & patterned behavior, many have been wrongfully accused for crimes they didn’t commit to fill quotas, cover up their own corruption, or just to put a “face to the case”. 

Lives and families have been torn apart by these actions through a system that we rely on to keep us safe not to hurt and take the ones we love away from us. 

It’s estimated that between 2.3 percent and 5 percent of all US prisoners currently incarcerated are innocent. With the number of incarcerated in total being approximately 2.4 million, that’s an estimated 120,000+ innocent people that are currently serving a sentence as the result of a wrongful conviction. 

Please help us fight towards changing the criminal justice system and giving innocent people their lives back so they can be free and in the arms and company of the people that love them. 

100% of all proceeds from this pack will be given directly to victims currently wrongfully incarcerated and The Innocence Project 

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