Zamova "Zamova" (Digital Version)
Zamova "Zamova" (Digital Version)
Zamova "Zamova" (Digital Version)

Zamova "Zamova" (Digital Version)

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During the first months of The Rucker Collective being established, a progressive-jazz rock group was formed in Warwick, Rhode Island amongst Motif Alumni, Vasyl Kochura, & Zachary Warf called Zamova. These unreleased rough cuts/demos were recorded in the months of April & May 2019 and have never been released until now.

All music composed and arranged by Zamova

Motif Alumni - Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Micromoog, ARP Odyssey, Crumar Performer

Z. Warf - Drums, Bass, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, ARP Odyssey, Micromoog, Crumar Performer

V. Kochura - Guitar, Bass, Crumar Performer, Micromoog


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